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If you're down for some hot gossip sessions and want to kick back with some heated drama, watch 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago'. This is an American reality series that is airing on VH1. The reality show walks us through the everyday operations and staff drama at a predominantly African American-owned and tattoo shop, called 9MAG, in Chicago.

The show stars Ryan Henry, Katrina Jackson, Van Johnson, Phor Brumfield, Don Brumfield, Charmaine Walker, Danielle Jamison, Liliana Barrios, and Karis Phillips on Season 7. Back in May Don's management revealed in an update that he was hospitalized due to serious heart issues", a glimpse of which we saw in the previous episode. He was admitted to the hospital and was kept under observation, much to the shock of his family and friends. As of now he just needs everyones support while he continues to rest and improve. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers, and thank you all for the continued support," the post had stated. Thankfully, he bounced back pretty quickly and was stable shortly after.


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It is possible that Dons focus and interest in bodybuilding may have landed him at the hospital bed. Having said that, Don believes in maintaining good health and working towards the same, which is what drove him to open his own gym, Apex Universe. He has also been known to inspire his colleagues to take up a more healthier lifestyle.

On the recent episode of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago', producer Ted calls Don outside, to talk to him privately. He then goes on to give him the bad news of Don having to close shop, there seems to be someone who tested positive. In order to not expose anyone else to the virus, Don will have to close down his new gym Apex Universe on its opening day. Don is evidently both upset and frustrated and has to make calls to inform his gang back at the 9Mag tattoo studio all of whom he invited as guests.

Stay tuned for new episodes of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' every Monday at 8 pm ET, only on VH1.

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'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Don Brumfield shuts down Apex Universe on its opening day - MEAWW

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