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Boys and Girls have different choices for quote tattoos. Boys like to have inspirational quotes as tattoos, one that is even challenging death. This is the reason why we decided to pick up the best tattoo quotes for men. First of all, let me clear you that you dont have to pick up the quotes shown here for tattoos.

You can have a unique quote of your own but we will give you ideas about the placement of the tattoo and also font ideas. So here are 50 inspiring tattoo quotes for men

1. While choosing perfect quotes for tattooing people often ignore quotes about death but to be frank they are the most meaningful quotes. Here is a quote about death tattooed on the bicep of this boy.

2. When we talk about love quotes we often try to express the feelings of heart in words and it is very hard to do so. If you want to try a love tattoo quotes for men then I would suggest you opt for quotes about first love.

3. Even though you will find thousands of pictures online of quote tattoos but honestly there are very few photos that show tattoos with meaningful sayings. Here is one meaningful thought inked on the chest of this boy.

4. There are very few short meaningful quotes that can be tried for tattoos. If you pick a short quote than font selection and placement matters a lot. Usually, they look good on forearm or wrist.

5. One very commonly suggested font for quote tattoos is the fairy tale font. This font is inspired from the fonts of fantasy novels of the Shakespearean era. If you opt for a long quote then this font is best for you.

6. You can also try two or three words quote but let me warn you that you have to explain it to every other person that sees it so choose a meaningful quote.

7. Many men like to have motivational tattoos especially those who are gym enthusiasts. If you are looking for inspirational tattoos for guys then this is the best design for you.

8. Instead of trying any popular quote or saying you can also opt for bible verses. One unique place for bible verse tattoos is the rib cage as shown in this picture.

9. You can also add visuals in your quote but it should be small and should be compatible with the quote. Here is a quote tattoo about the tree and the guy added a tree tattoo to it.

10. Your tattoo of the quote should tell about your interest and hobbies. If you like music then you should try this quote tattoo about music. Man can try inspirational quotes like this too for tattoos.

11. You can make your quote tattoo stand out of other tattoos by adding apostrophes, punctuation marks or brackets just like this.

12. If you have huge biceps then the best placement for quote tattoo on your body would be the inner biceps. Here is a motivational quote tattoo on the inner bicep of this guy.

13. If you are a religious person then surely you would like to have a quote tattoo that is about god. I would advise you to add praying hands or cross tattoos to such designs.

14. Obviously, this is a very long quote to opt for a tattoo design but the placement on the rib cage makes it perfect. Only people close to you can read it fully and thus it makes the quote special.

15. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in the literature due to his meaningful song lyrics. Point is you can try a lyrics tattoo (as quote) on your body and surely it will be unique and new tattoo quotes for men.

16. You can also opt for meaningful quotes that are popular in pop culture. It can be movie quotes or quote from popular TV shows or comic strips. Here is one from Calvin and Hobbes.

17. Poor font selection can make even a meaningful quote worthless. This quote about sailor life would have looked better with droid sans font.

18. Some fonts are so popular that people can easily recognise them. You can choose such fonts. For example here is tattoo of quote in Walt Disney Font.

19. Society is slowly accepting transgender and LGBT. If you find yourself as a man trapped inside a woman then you can clearly send a message through a powerful quote tattoo like this.

20. You can dedicate your quote tattoo to your loved ones. For example, this guy dedicated his tattoo to his family members and beautifully defined the meaning of FAMILY.

21. Many guys like to dedicate their tattoos to their girlfriends or wife. If you too want to have a tattoo dedicated to your GF then forearm is best place to try it.

22. There are several wrong things about this tattoo design. First of all, it is a very long quote, secondly, it is placed wrong (on forearm) and thirdly the font selection is poor thus making it hard to read and understand.

23. There are many quotes about strength and power on sites like brainyquote. You should consider them for tattooing as they make the best tattoo quotes for men.

24. If you are a heavily tattooed person then you should probably skip tattoos of the quotes because they will look odd among various designs just like this picture.

25. Oh My God. I could only imagine the pain that this guy went through to get this tattoo on his ripped forearms. Surely only a determined person can try this.

26. I love those tattoos that are dedicated to parents. If you love you, mom and dad, more than anything else then surely you can show it through a tattoo.

27. Many boys like to have poems inked on their body. If you are fond of literature then pick up your favorite poem and get it tattooed across your chest or back.

28. If you are trying a motivational tattoo quotes for men then be sure that you are easily able to see it. If it is less visible to you and more visible to the world then it is worthless and shows your ego.

29. Here is another amazing quote about a family that will strengthen the bonds between siblings and parents. Boys can try family quotes on the chest.

30. There is a big question on whether devoted Christians should opt for tattoos or not. In my opinion, it is good to ink the sayings of the lord on our body.

31. You can make your quote tattoo stand out by giving it a unique background. You can either ink the quote on a leaf or on paper just like this.

32. One evergreen background for quote tattoos is trees. You can add trees to almost any quote and they will perfectly suit the whole tattoo.

33. Honestly, this quote is not very easy for a person like me to understand but I really admired the background of polka dots in this tattoo.

34. Bible psalms are very popular among tattoo lovers so it doesnt matter if you are a believer or not. You can always try motivational psalms like this.

35. My favorite kind of quote tattoo would be one that perfectly runs across the side of the forearm and is inked in the perfect font.

36. You can also add glyphs in your tattoo design and it will be a very smart move. Here is an interesting tattoo design on the forearm of this man.

37. Have you ever tried blackwork quote tattoos? They are tattooed using solid black ink and they do not fade away easily.

38. You must choose a font that looks meaningful even after the tattoo completely heals and stays for a long time. It should not fade away in a few months.

39. You can ask the artist to give a 3D look to your quote tattoo design as it will look mesmerizing. I must warn you that it can be really painful.

40. Self-motivational quotes always look good on visible parts of body such as wrist or forearms.

41. You can try quote of your favourite superhero along with the logo of the superhero. My favourite superhero is batman and here is a batman tattoo.

42. You can add natural landscapes tattoos to your design and you wont be disappointed by the result.

43. Your quote tattoo needs not to be in English language. You can opt for quote tattoos in hindi, Urdu, Arabic or Spanish language.

44. Now, this is a quote that you should live by, You will face thousands of hurdles and disappointments in life but just keep going on.

45. You can have a matching quote tattoo with your brother or father. For this, you can divide the quote into two parts.

46. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) gave a very beautiful style of tattoo. You can try that style for quote tattoo as shown in this picture.

47. If you want to try offbeat quotes then you should try sayings that have a dark sense of humor. Surely not every person would appreciate it.

48. Many guys like to try ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME quote. This is an age old quote but still very popular.

49. Side wrist is also a good option for short and meaningful quote just like this.

50. There are many glyph signs from ancient civilizations that have deep meaning. You can add them to your quote tattoos and surely people would admire it.

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300+ Inspirational Tattoo Quotes For Men (2021) Short ...

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