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Amritsar, May 29

A local NGO, Voice of Amritsar (VOA) today provided sanitisers and other safety items to the workers at cremation groups to ensure their safety during the Covid pandemic.

They stated that many bodies of Covid patients are cremated daily and the workers needed safety equipment. They stated that these equipment would also be provided for workers of other cremation grounds.

Voice of Amritsar today also gave sanitary stations along with sanitizers in bulk and potted plants to Durgiana Temple, Shivpuri as covid relief. Dr. Rakesh Sharma, founder member and Seenu Arora, former president of the organization said that today PPE kits, masks and gloves etc. have been provided to the staff by the organization at the cremation ground at Durgiana Shivpuri. This facility will also be provided in other crematoriums of the city by the ngo.

Dr Aanchal, a dental surgeon and philanthropist, co-founder of Kakini- Building Humanity Trust, that collaborated with VOA, said Kakini would be expanding their network of support system for Covid relief measures in city. We have been organizing food and oxygen langar in Jammu, covering extensive relief measures in Delhi, Bengaluru, rehabilitating families displaced or effected by Covid 19 and providing free tele-consultation for Covid 19. Our purpose is to reach out to maximum people effected from pandemic through community efforts. Kakini has also collaborated with celebrity tattoo artist from Delhi, Max, founder of Inkling Studio, who will be raising funds for Covid relief in Amritsar.

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Helping those who ensure dignity to the Covid dead - The Tribune India

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