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A grieving man had a tattoo off a lawnmower inked on the top of his head - after joking with his late brother they would both need one to cut their hair after lockdown.

Mark Flewitt, 50, was left devastated when his older brother Steven died in February aged 65, just days after contracting Covid-19.

It came just a few short months after Steven was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2020, and lost all his hair due to chemotherapy.

Last summer, at a family barbecue, Mark said he and Steven had joked about how long their hair had grown during the first coronavirus lockdown, and how they may soon need a lawnmower to cut it.

Now Mark, from Ipswich, Suffolk, has had a permanent tribute to Steven inked onto his balding head, in memory of their joke.

The small tattoo, on the crown of his head, depicts a cartoon man pushing a lawnmower - in the direction of Mark's hairline.

Mark said: "I saw a similar tattoo online about a year ago, and thought it was quite a funny design.

"But then after losing my brother, I remembered the lawnmower joke we had made - and I knew he would have found this tattoo quite humorous.

"It's just a light-hearted way for me to remember my brother.

"But it's also a light-hearted look at the heartache that people go through when they lose their hair due to cancer treatment - without wanting to dismiss the pain that can cause."

Mark has also created a fundraising page in memory of his brother, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support - which has so far raised 650.

He said: "Macmillan was so supportive for my brother and his wife, and for our family.

"It means a lot to know that through my fundraising, other people will be supported like we were through such a difficult time."

Mark added that his brother had only retired about a year before receiving his cancer diagnosis.

He said: "He'd been retired for about 12 months, and he and his wife were so looking forward to enjoying that retirement together.

"It's so cruel that that was all taken away from them."

Mark had the tattoo done on April 29, at Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio in Ipswich.

He said: "I'm really pleased with how the tattoo turned out.

"It was a bit painful and a bit tingly, because of where it was done. It's my first head tattoo, and it will certainly be my last.

"I am expecting that I will get a few funny looks when people spot it - but hopefully that'll be worth a couple of pounds towards the fundraising page."

To donate to Mark's JustGiving page, visit here.

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Bloke gets tattoo of lawnmower inked on his head as tribute to tragic brother - Daily Star

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