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THE Vikings have invaded County Durham but this time they are here to share their art in the form of tattoos.

Three tattoo artists have embarked on a new endeavour to create a tattoo parlour with a twist. Viking Ink Crook was set up by 35-year-old Daniel Haddon, from Tow Law and his colleagues Jade 'Redbeard' Davis and Darryn 'The Boneless' Sharpe.

The three have them have a combined total of 32 years experience in tattooing.

The studio also has apprentice, Matthew 'Ironside' Toase, who has been training hard ready for the opening.

Being big history fans, they decided on a Viking theme. The trio hope the theme will bring something different to County Durham and the UK.

The studio intends to recreate the look of Viking Britain to give customers an experience while getting a tattoo.

The parlour is decorated in hand made Viking crafts, Viking themed music plays in the background and drinks are served out of horns.

The tattoos on offer range from names and symbols to portrait designs.

Mr Haddon said: The influence behind the theme is simply because I like history, I have several Viking tattoos.

I find the Vikings very interesting historically, and they are popular right now due to the Vikings Tv show.

I think people enjoy learning about them, they have a unique culture, and they heavily influenced this region.

They have a huge connection to this area, they could have even sailed up the river Wear and raided and settled in villages around here.

Now they have ended up in Crook swapping swords for ink.

We have put our heart and souls into this to really capture the authentic feel, everything you see has been hand made in our kitchens.

I want our customers to have every sense tingling when entering the studio, I think it also will help to relax people as sometimes people can get nervous when they are getting a tattoo.

We are 99 per cent finished with the studio so we will be ready to open when restriction ease.

The support from the community has been amazing so far, I dont see myself as the owner, I see it as a place for the community.

The community have been here for us setting up in this difficult time and we are here for them.

The studio is looking for anyone who would be willing to create Viking decorations to display in the store.

The studio is taking bookings ready for when it opens on April 12. It is located at 34 Hope Street, Crook.

If you would like to book, contact Viking Ink Crook email: or call 07724641340, alternatively visit their Facebook page:

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The Vikings have invaded - but this time swapping swords for ink and tattoos - The Northern Echo

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