Tattoos Utica, NY – Tattoo U Studio

Est. 2008

If you are here, you have decided to take that first step and search out the tattoo shop and artist that is right for you.

We welcome you to read a little about us and get to know our artists.

Tattoo U Studio is focused on providingclean, professional and friendly tattooing in amodern and relaxing environment.

At Tattoo U Studio, our main goal is to create a one of a kind custom tattoo just for you. From a small tattoo to a multi sitting sleeve, whether you are looking for your first tattoo or are a seasoned collector, we aim to surpass the picture in your mind.

We are a custom tattoo studio, so you wont find our walls covered in traditional Tattoo flash designs.We want to bring your unique ideas to life. From paper to skin, we will advise you on layout, composition and placement.

If you are undecided on a design but know you want a custom and truly unique tattoo, ask to see our artists original designs. Many times these designs are offered at flat rate vs an hourly rate because you will be displaying your artists artwork and abilities on your body.

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Tattoos Utica, NY - Tattoo U Studio

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