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Tattoos for men. Man has been adorning his skin since the dawn of the cave dweller, and tattoos for men have had a whole spectrum of purpose and meaning. From the early days when tribal markings represented your place within society, and tattooing became arite of passage proving a boys readiness for battleto modern times (where tattoos can mean anything, and be inked on anyone), there has been a lot of changes in the world of tattooing.Lets take a look at these50 tattoos and see how these gents decided to commemorate their stories in ink.

The sun and three stars pictured in this hand tattoo represent the flag of the Philippines. This guy is definitely proud of his heritage.

Many people think that tattoos for men need to be tough and fierce. Even though scorpions are small, they are mighty. This 3D arachnid looks awesome, and would be a great choice for any tough guy, Scorpio, or Adolfo Camarillo High School alum (Go Scorps!).

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This eight-legged creeper is sure to frighten a few people who might just think its real.

Angels are a common theme in tattoos for men. This lady seems a bit sensual to have a rosary wrapped around her hand, but whatever floats your boat.

Another praying angel, yet this one is much more somber, in memory of Sammy.

Angel wings and crosses are definitely common men tattoo ideas, and this is a great example of the genre. Nice lines and shading.

Every man has a little devil and a little angel in him, he just has to decide which one to listen to. This guy cant seem to decide.

Tribal tattoos for males who arent in any kind of tribehave becomeincreasingly common. That being said, this one looks pretty cool.

Very cool sketch style in this tattoo, with birds flying across his bicep.

A double dose of tribal designs, with matching images on each arm, makes these tattoos for those who prefer symmetry.

This tribal tat almost looks like tiger stripes! A nice choice of tattoos for men with cat-like reflexes.

Superhero tattoos for men can be awesome if done well, like this colorful Keaton/Nicholson version of Batman and Joker.

I wonder when this tattoo was done? Do kids nowadays even know what this is? A mix tape makes an awesome tattoo for men who are lovers of both music and nostalgia.

Ripped skin and circuitry make for a likelychoice for men who are into computers.

A gorgeous, brightly colored koi fish is a symbol of good luck, so they make great subjects for tattoos for men.

Is this tattoo every Catholics dream or nightmare? Religious tattoos can be traditional or more creative, like this bloody cross made of nails.

This cross is kind of creepy with all that cracking skin.

Sometimes tattoos can be representative of someone they love. This cross with Celtic knots, a fleur de lis and a crown, along with the words Lil King could very well be a tribute to a friend, a family member, or maybe even a pet.

Another bloody nail cross so maybe this is common amongst religious tattoos for men?

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This adorable little guy is so sweet! A good example for men who are willing to show their softer side.

A pretty classic tattoo for men, this dragon looks like hes about ready to spit some fire.

Bald eagles: For men who love freedom. Murica.

A burning, blue lotus flower on one side and what appears to be, maybe, coral on the other makes these tattoos for men who dont mind florals.

Any man who gets a tattoo of flowers is okay in my book.

25. Rose Vines

There are a lot of options when it comes to floral tattoos, and this idea of a vine of roses and other flowers leading to a heart filled with names is a nice one.

26.Devils Eye

This squat little demon holding an eye is a good example of devilish tattoos for those who have a bit of a dark side.


Animals make great tattoos. This fox is an incredible example with its realistic coloring and shading.

28.Rising Angel

More angel tattoos for men with faith.

29.Henna Style

This tattoo is sort of a cross between henna and tribal, and its a good tattoo for men who worship the sun.

30. Mr. Roboto

A popular genre of tattoo is the robotics/cyborg below the skin look.

31.Black and Yellow Koi

Another koi fish, but with a whole different look. The scales are black and the outlines are in color. Total contrast to #15.

32.Large Koi

Giant koi fish make great large, full-back tattoos for men. This one looks especially nice with the addition of only two colors.

33.Classy Cat

Lions are great (mighty, noble kings of the jungle), and this classy fellow looks like a serious gentleman.

34. Rosary

Another religious tattoo, the traditional praying hands with rosary.


Lots of guysdecide to have words inked across their chest in this fashion. Lettered tattoos for men can be great, just make sure they are easy to read.

36.Pretty Boy

This is a good looking guy with an unusual tattoo.

37.Sacred Heart

Adding a bunch of swords makes sacred hearts tattoos a solid choice for those who are bad-ass.

38. Scarface

Just make sure your artist is good at faces.

39.Scorpion 2.0

Another scorpion to sting you!

40.Skin and Bones

This guy wants you to know what hes like on the inside. Are anatomical tattoos for men with backbone?

41.Rib Cage

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50 Tattoos for Men - Top Designs for Men

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