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14 up-and-coming queer Irish creatives to support in 2021 – http://gcn.ie/

2020 was a rough year all around; particularly so for queer Irish artists, musicians, and small creative business owners. With 2021 starting off with just as much uncertainty (and us barely a month in!) we thought we would share some Irish LGBTQ+ creatives for you to watch out for and support.

Who:Becks Coad is a non-binary, queer Irish graphic designer and illustrator who recently designed the logo for the Irish Trans Writers Union. Their digital prints are currently available on Etsy, as well as by commission.

Where:@beckscoad | beckscoaddesign

Who:Risn Sheridan-Bryson is an Irish queer theatre-maker, writer, and illustrator from Dublin. She recently hosted a workshop with Stellar Quines Theatre Company titled Developing Autobiography and Alter Ego. You can find her illustrations and digital prints on Etsy.

Where:roisinsbryson | @roisinsbryson

Who:Kitty is a queer, non-binary traditional artist currently based in Dublin. They work with gouache paint and alcohol marker, and their pieces are currently available on Instagram, by pre-order and commission.


Who:Selkies is a bisexual, Irish illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Brussels. She recently participated in Medusa Collectives campaign Girls Bite Back Against IBSA[Image Based Sexual Assault] alongside several other Irish artists.

Where:selkiesstudio | @selkies_

Who:Marie Pujanes is a queer Irish artist based in Dublin. Recently, she participated in the Medusa Collectives campaign Girls Bite Back Against IBSA, along with Selkies and several other artists. Her illustrations, prints, and tote bags are currently available on her website.

Where:@mamaisucra | Marie Pujanes

Who:Saoirse Carey is a queer painter and digital illustrator, with a particular fondness for portrait work, based in Dublin. Her digital illustrations and paintings are currently available by commission.

Where:squeefox | @squeefox

Who:SapphiXXX Dublin is an LGBTQ+ event and performance-based collective. While the collective has had to move away from traditional events and performances in bars and LGBTQ+ spaces during the lockdown, they have managed to create a similar, if not more innovative, queer space online. Recently, SapphiXXX Dublin has published their first zine SapphiXXX Solo, and their Instagram regularly invites queer creatives from around to world to take over their Instagram page in place of live events and performances.

Where:@sapphi.x.x.x | @SapphiXXXDublin

Who:Cami is an Irish, lesbian rapper based in Dublin who has slowly and steadily crafted a comfortable and versatile style of rap through working on experimental/complex beats. Her latest single Tipsy, produced by S.E.M.I, is available to stream on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Where:@cvmimusica | Cami

Who:Bobbi Arlo is a 22 year-old queer Irish singer and songwriter from Wicklow. Her new single Signs was released in 2020, and she was featured on the cover of the latest edition of Hot Press magazine The Hot for 2021 Issue last month. You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.

Where:Bobbi Arlo | @bobbi_arlo

Who:HALLI is a bisexual Irish art-pop artist currently based in Dublin. She has toured headline and festival shows extensively across Europe and America, including Knockanstockan among other independent festivals, as well as a full US tour with Hozier and Hudson Taylor in 2018. Her latest single Body Never Lies is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms.

Where:HALLI | @halli_music

Who: Sewaoife is a bisexual, Irish embroiderer and mask maker based in Dublin. She started up her small online business during the lockdown, and she usually re-stocks her masks and other handmade crafts on Saturdays at 3pm on Etsy.

Where:sewaoife | @sewaoife

Who:JobyByJoby is a gay costume designer working in theatre and film. Recently, he has started a small online business selling facemasks during the pandemic. You can find his facemasks on Etsy and Instagram.

Where:JobyByJoby | @jobybyjoby

Who:Jamie is a gay, Irish tattoo artist currently based at Moko Me Tattoo Studio in Dublin. Asides from tattooing, he makes viral Tiktoks about his experiences as a tattoo artist and has gained a substantial following for both his artistry and his funny anecdotes.

Where:@jammydrawings | jammydodged

Who: Ciaran OBrien is a vegan, queer Irish tattoo artist currently based in Glasgow. You can find his work on Instagram.


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14 up-and-coming queer Irish creatives to support in 2021 - http://gcn.ie/

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