The Bachelorette NZ: Covid regulations are out the window but kisses are in –

OPINION: It seems all Covid regulations are now out the window on The Bachelorette, with Lexie nabbing herself her first kiss of the season. (Yes, yes, I know this was filmed long before this current lockdown.)

With who? Paul, who she previously deemed too cool for her (she somewhat continued that line of thinking this episode, but thankfully didnt let it spoil their solo date). Lexie took Paul on a cruise around the stunning Milford Sound, which offered them a wealth of romantic moments to snuggle on the prow of the boat like Jack and Rose and breathe in the misty air. Lexie likes that Paul is different, perhaps referring to his tattoos, long hair and general air of nonchalance, and it seems Paul is starting to return the feelings: where last episode he was ready to bail out, hes now feeling smitten.


Scene from The Bachelorette NZ episode 6

How did he make the move? It seems there was some nervous laughter between the two before they locked lips, so perhaps he simply asked. Regardless, they both seemed pretty into it, and it was a pretty fun location for Lexie to get her first kiss in.

Howd the other lads take it? Not well. Paul informed them of what had happened and immediately left the room, and you could cut the tension with a knife. It seems more than one man has already developed feelings for Lexie, including Matt, who said he loved Lexie this episode, and Hamish, who said hes never fallen this hard for someone before.

How does Lexie feel? Stoked with her kiss, naturally, and feeling pretty fond of Paul, it seems. In regards to Hamish, it seems shes finding his jokes-and-laughter personality a little tiresome, noting that in his seven minutes of speed dating, he didnt ask her a single question. (This might be an appropriate time to add that, as someone with lots of heterosexual female friends, this is one of the main things I hear after theyve returned from a date with a man. Some of the other boys on this show are good at asking questions, but in general, come on, lads! Its not hard! It's conversation 101!)

Oh yeah, howd that speed dating go? It actually seemed pretty effective in helping Lexie weed out who she might not want to take further in the show. Joe surprised her by saying he was feeling their chemistry had faded (I can see how this could happen, but Joe, you signed up for The Bachelorette its the name of the game!), and she seemed a little upset. Damien showed a more vulnerable side, which Lexie found charming, and Jack managed to share a few laughs with her, but as for the others, she felt like no one really came prepared. (To be fair, it seemed like they had about five minutes warning.)


Scene from The Bachelorette NZ episode 6

Who won this weeks group date? That would be Jack, who got himself his first proper one-on-one time with Lexie, nestling into a little picnic under Coronet Peak. The pair bonded over both drinking soy milk (very 2019 of them, I have to say; Im more of an oat milk person, but thats just my preference). Despite Lexie slipping out an I love you, a twist of the tongue which the editors maliciously framed as a much more awkward moment than it was, the date seemed to go swimmingly. Jack does seem like one of the most level-headed and laid-back guys on the show, which I think is very much in the realm of what Lexie is looking for.


Scene from The Bachelorette NZ episode 6

So who went home? Cruelly, Lexie had to give two men the boot, and tonight it was Vaz and Jake. This elimination broke my heart, if Im honest; Jake gave this show his all, showing off an enormous heart and infinite selflessness. Looking downcast, he told the camera: Im right for someone, and Jake, Ive no doubt about it a golden soul like yourself wont stay single for long. Same for, Vaz: it was heartbreaking to hear him express through tears that he feels like no one cares about him, or sees his true self. Someone will, Vaz! No doubt there will be a bunch of people in your DMs after tonights episode, and therell be someone out there for you. I suppose this is whats both fascinating and brutal about these shows: under the frivolity and facades, there are actually just a bunch of fragile people making themselves very vulnerable, and offering up their rawest emotions as currency for good television. Its important not to discard that bravery.

A quick sidenote: Give the narrator a promotion. Shes great.

- The Bachelorette NZ continues Tuesday and Wednesday, 7.30pm on TVNZ 2

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The Bachelorette NZ: Covid regulations are out the window but kisses are in -

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