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The Avalon Rooms, Witney, offers spiritual supplies and tattoos – Oxford Mail

WITCHCRAFT supplies, spiritual treatments and free medical tattoo work are among the services on offer at the newest shop in Witney.

The Avalon Rooms opened in Langdale Court last month offering a range of unusual services and products.

Owner Felicity Denham, 30, previously ran Hook and Eye in Corn Street for 12 years.

Witney born and raised, Miss Denham is now looking forward to her new venture.

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She said: Id outgrown it [Hook and Eye] and decided to open another shop and offer different things.

For example, weve now got a holistic therapist offering aromatherapy, energy work and crystal healing.

Were also offering new products including crystals, handmade teas and candles, essential oils and diffusers from Glastonbury, and the idea is to bring a bit of Glastonbury to Witney.

Theres also spell kits and everything you would need for a ritual, including spells for prosperity, health blessings, and full moon ritual boxes.

These products are among the witchcraft and spiritual supplies that The Avalon Rooms will be stocking.

One of the things that makes Miss Denham and the business stand out is the medical tattoo work.

When people are missing body parts or suffering from alopecia for example, medical tattoos can help mask the issue and help people with their confidence.

Miss Denham however goes one step further and offers free medical tattoos to breast cancer survivors.

She said: I consider myself privileged even though Ive worked really hard to get to this point.

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The least I can do is give back to people who have been through so much.

The NHS offers a free service but what I offer is something as realistic as possible.

Ive been doing nipple and areola tattooing for a while which means Ive worked with different scar tissues.

With the new business now in full swing, Miss Denham reflected on the opening weeks and looked ahead to the future.

Coming out of the pandemic, I didnt know how things would go, she said.

Luckily we have quite a following in Witney and because of how tight our Covid-19 controls are, weve been really busy since we opened.

Were looking to introduce laser tattoo removal and wrinkle relaxing treatments, and also branch out our online sales, especially with the pandemic and how that went, in mind.

Im very into spirituality and know people in the spiritual community, and I think what were offering now is different to other places.

For example, I work hard to source sustainable jewellery for piercings and were very eco-friendly and use biodegradable products wherever possible.

Operating in a niche market, Miss Denham said spirituality is always something shes engaged with.

Ive always been pulled to paganism even when I was young, she said.

I did a tarot course and spirituality has always been something Ive been interested in.

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The Avalon Rooms, Witney, offers spiritual supplies and tattoos - Oxford Mail

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